Over Come Anxiety!


There really isn’t any other way to put it. It is one of the most awful feelings you can feel by far. It ranges from minor anxiety to major and when its bad, it is bad!

My anxiety started from when I was a little girl, I got MAJOR separation anxiety from my mum. I wanted nothing but to be with her all the time, she was my safe haven and still is. Growing up I let fear hold me back from so many things, because of anxiety I missed out, because I couldn’t push myself to do things I loved. I remember this one year I had a teacher at school in about year 4 that absolutely changed my whole outlook on life, even though I was young there was a change. I had someone that believed in me and wanted me to strive. I will be forever thankful for that teacher!

I’m a pretty sensitive person and when I started to come into my high school years people saw me as weak when realistically they had no fucking clue what I was feeling in my heart. It is so damn important not to judge someone or put another person down, you don’t know what they could be dealing with and it very well could be breaking point for them, don’t push them more. I believe you should always be kinder than necessary.

Towards the end of my high school years my anxiety started to become a little bit worse, my dad became very ill very quickly, one day he died suddenly and my world completely turned.

Nothing became easier after he past I had really shitty people turn on me, was in an abusive relationship and again my anxiety got the better of me. As a side note to this paragraph if you have toxic people in your life that are no longer lifting you up and wanting the best for you like you do for them its okay for you to leave the friendship or relationship. Don’t feel like you are in the wrong because it is one of the best things you can do for yourself ever!!!!

The best way I can explain what my anxiety attacks are like is to the point of being crippled in a fully functioning body. In an attack there is no sense in your mind or what anybody is saying. Screaming and crying but nothing seems to help, you just want to get everything out of you and you want it all to stop. I am so thankful for my beautiful family, friends and of course my amazing boyfriend for always supporting me.

Overcoming anxiety isn’t easy but it is possible, it’s one of those mind over matter situations. I over come anxiety by deep breaths, surrounding myself with the right people, going to the beach for a dip in the ocean, writing, reading my bible and talking to Jesus or putting on calming music. you just need to do what works for you. Something I have learnt is to try and centre your thoughts as much as possible, if your anxious, ask what you are anxious about then think if you can do anything to change or fix the situation and if you cant there isn’t any point in stressing about it. Life has a way of sorting things out, we serve someone much higher than us that is in full control of each one of our lives.

Philippians 4:6 –  Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Post: By Bethany Calverley.


Body Confidence.

For most of my teenage years growing up I struggled majorly with body Image. It most definitely wasn’t to the point of an eating disorder as such but I remember constantly comparing myself to other girls. I would even compare my self to my closest friends. I struggled in the way of not being able to accept myself, It wasn’t to say that my teenage years weren’t fun because they were but there was always those horrible thoughts about myself in the back of my mind.

I was about 13-16 years old when I broke out with really bad acne. This was the beginning of the unfolding of my body issues. I remember sitting down for lunch with my friends at school everyday admiring their perfect skin whilst mine was red, ugly and inflamed. I did absolutely everything I could to try and make my skin flawless and I mean EVERYTHING! It got to the point where I would scratch my face so much that it bled. I was so ridiculously unhappy with the way I looked. It wasn’t until I was about 16 that I decided to go on the pill. ( I am 100% against taking medication, I feel our bodies are made to fight off anything bad themselves) in saying that it really helped balance out my hormones, my period and my skin.

So after my skin cleared I still managed to find other things to pick at that weren’t right about my body, this continued until my late teen years. I would stand in front of the mirror wishing I was skinnier, wishing I was prettier etc.

Until one day (I am a Christian) I heard Gods voice say to me that he loves me just the way I am, I shouldn’t want to loose weight to be skinny, I should want to exercise to get fit and nourish my body.

Its crazy how one sudden realisation can turn your whole world around. One of my most favourite Quotes is “Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world” its amazing how true it is.

We were all made as unique beautiful beings, we have different personalities and we are all different shapes and sizes. I believe it is so important to accept yourself the way your were made. Set goals for yourself to achieve, go chase your dreams and do the things you love and make you happy. Rock what you got and be proud of it because you are amazing!!!

Post : By Bethany Calverley.