I’m Rich!

So often the word rich is associated with money. Normally that’s the case.

The first definition for the word rich on google was : Having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy.

The second definition was : Existing in plentiful quantities; abundant.

I’d love to take the time to really break the two definitions down – It’s funny because they both so perfectly fit in to whats on my heart to write. Recently I’ve been exposed to people with a lot of wealth, I have observed closely to how they act and react in certain situations. Again before I get really into this I am by no means putting everyone in one single category when writing about this, Its just an observation I’ve made.

I’m going to write about my parents and my family again because its my number one go to of how I was raised and what I have been taught growing up. I can 100% say my family and I are rich. Not rich in wealth but rich in LOVE. I’m not going to lie to you growing up my family never had too much money, we always had just enough and that was perfect for us.

I am rich because I am existing in plentiful quantities and abundance of love, laughter, happiness, support, company, passions, dreams, people and Jesus!

I was reading an article about an hour ago and it was about a guy who had a really great job in a law firm, he was earning a large amount of money but he was so so so ridiculously unhappy. He booked a one way ticket and he’s been travelling for the past two years with barley any money but he’s never been happier. This is a perfect example of the less you have actually means the more you have.

I’ve watched relationships get completely ruined because of money. Why is it that people NEED money to be happy? Why can’t you just take it back to the simple beauty of life and all that it is. I’ve learnt that I never want to have too much money, I want to be satisfied with just enough and embrace every little or big experience of my journey on life that I can.

I’m not saying that money is all bad, It’s great if you have it and your actually humble about it because on the other hand I know people that are like that too. So many amazing things can be done with money like building houses overseas, giving people an education, creating a business. etc.

Growing up in church and having a lot of friends that have been on mission trips, every time they have come back from being overseas and helping people that are more disadvantaged than us someone will say… “It’s crazy, you know, they have nothing over in third world countries yet they are so happy”. The reason they are so happy is because they don’t need money to be happy, they choose to be happy with their surroundings and what they have got. I think in todays society this is a massive thing we can all learn from.

I’m not saying don’t strive for you want, I’m just asking that sometimes you re-evaluate your priorities.

This is just something small that Ive noticed and felt to write about – Every single person in the world can be rich if you choose to.

Post by: Bethany Calverley.



There is nothing more beautiful to me than friendship.

Growing up I have really learnt it isn’t about quantity its about quality. 5 solid friends are a million times better than 100 fake ones.

Friendship to me is having people that are loyal, loving and caring. Friends that want to be around you and actually care about what’s happening in your life. Friends that will laugh with you, cry with you and do stupid things that only friends can do.

For a few years throughout high school I had a very very close Best friend. We did absolutely everything together, we lived close so it was always easy to hang out all the time. At the time I thought this was a really normal and happy friendship until I felt like I couldn’t be my own person without this friend putting me down or copying every single thing I did. I felt like I was really starting to loose myself because of all the negativity surrounding the friendship. It wasn’t until my last year of high school that I completely cut ties with this person because of some really awful and hurtful things that were said and done. I began focussing on healthy friendships. I can honestly say doing this has been one of the greatest things I could have done for myself, Ive grown from an experience of someone treating me like utter shit and moved into a place of self love and happiness.

In most cases I hear so many girls speak of this one “friend” and it really saddens me because 9 time out of 10 they are being treated the same way I was. Most of the time girls like this will be very self centred and manipulative, the friendship will mainly be about them and everything they are dealing with and your accomplishments or your problems will get fobbed off. Let me make it super clear to everyone, if you have someone in your life that is constantly bringing you down, hindering your happiness and stunting your growth in this beautiful world, leave the friendship. Nothing absolutely nothing is worth someone else bringing you down and making you feel worthless. There are so many people in this world and so many better friends that you can surround yourself and have fun with.

For too long I stayed in a toxic friendship. I look and see all the incredibly beautiful, caring and loving friends I have now and realise how truly blessed I am to have them. I may not have hundreds of friends but I have real ones and I hope the when they read this they know exactly who they are and how much I value and love them.

Post by: Bethany Calverley.



The other day I was sitting reading my journal and instantly felt inspired to write about worth. I haven’t got a chance to sit down until now and there is a really strong stirring on my heart about this topic.

Growing up I have been fortunate enough to have had two parents love on me, support me and want the very best for me. It really really hits me hard when I see children from work with broken families. My heart hurts for them and then I really sit and think how many people don’t get the love and support they need growing up. It almost infuriates me and I am not in any way shape or form trying to judge anyone here Im just really feeling for people.

I think people need to understand that they are not in anyway defined by their current situation or by the bad things that have happened in their past. People often base their worth on how they are feeling in that moment but let me tell you right now that is so ridiculously un true! Every single person on this earth has their own talents, their own dreams, their own hopes and their own personalities. No one is the same – No one! I feel if you are able to accept the things that make you, you other people won’t have as much of a problem with it and if they do it is a reflection of them not a reflection of you.

I have recently been on a journey to really find who I am and accept the person I have become/ am becoming, Im not saying that an easy task because sometimes it can bring up things that have hurt us or made us feel down but the goal is to keep pushing through.

As a christian I have always been taught and its now embedded into my brain that I am loved beyond measure by someone who died to know me! That someone is constantly there carrying me through my heard times, that I am more precious than rubies, That my God loves me regardless of my mistakes. As cliche as this all sounds and as much as its repeated in the christian world I don’t care I will live for cliche because these beautiful things that God does for us daily remind me that YOU and I are worthy.

Worth is such a powerful thing and I just wanted to bring to peoples attention we all carry it. We ARE worthy beings! So often we compare ourselves to others and yearn for their life or what they have etc. If you ever have a moment like that stop yourself and take the time to think about what your grateful to have and what makes you the person you are!

Post by: Bethany Calverley.