I’m Rich!

So often the word rich is associated with money. Normally that’s the case.

The first definition for the word rich on google was : Having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy.

The second definition was : Existing in plentiful quantities; abundant.

I’d love to take the time to really break the two definitions down – It’s funny because they both so perfectly fit in to whats on my heart to write. Recently I’ve been exposed to people with a lot of wealth, I have observed closely to how they act and react in certain situations. Again before I get really into this I am by no means putting everyone in one single category when writing about this, Its just an observation I’ve made.

I’m going to write about my parents and my family again because its my number one go to of how I was raised and what I have been taught growing up. I can 100% say my family and I are rich. Not rich in wealth but rich in LOVE. I’m not going to lie to you growing up my family never had too much money, we always had just enough and that was perfect for us.

I am rich because I am existing in plentiful quantities and abundance of love, laughter, happiness, support, company, passions, dreams, people and Jesus!

I was reading an article about an hour ago and it was about a guy who had a really great job in a law firm, he was earning a large amount of money but he was so so so ridiculously unhappy. He booked a one way ticket and he’s been travelling for the past two years with barley any money but he’s never been happier. This is a perfect example of the less you have actually means the more you have.

I’ve watched relationships get completely ruined because of money. Why is it that people NEED money to be happy? Why can’t you just take it back to the simple beauty of life and all that it is. I’ve learnt that I never want to have too much money, I want to be satisfied with just enough and embrace every little or big experience of my journey on life that I can.

I’m not saying that money is all bad, It’s great if you have it and your actually humble about it because on the other hand I know people that are like that too. So many amazing things can be done with money like building houses overseas, giving people an education, creating a business. etc.

Growing up in church and having a lot of friends that have been on mission trips, every time they have come back from being overseas and helping people that are more disadvantaged than us someone will say… “It’s crazy, you know, they have nothing over in third world countries yet they are so happy”. The reason they are so happy is because they don’t need money to be happy, they choose to be happy with their surroundings and what they have got. I think in todays society this is a massive thing we can all learn from.

I’m not saying don’t strive for you want, I’m just asking that sometimes you re-evaluate your priorities.

This is just something small that Ive noticed and felt to write about – Every single person in the world can be rich if you choose to.

Post by: Bethany Calverley.


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