Be Vulnerable.

When people think of being vulnerable mostly scared, anxious and fearful words come to mind, right?

Up until recently I would have thought the same thing and in some cases I still do, being vulnerable can be bad but why don’t we start to change our perspective and think of vulnerability in a good way? Most times being vulnerable means being thrown into the unknown of whats going to happen. Let try and embrace that as an adventure.

These last few months in my life have really shown me a new perspective and a greater outlook on life than I would have ever imagined, did I imagine being where I am right now a year ago? Nope. I don’t have my life sorted and thats fine. Im taking it as it comes and you should too. Embrace and accept the journey you are on for exactly where you are at right now. Ive learnt that as humans we are always wanting more and we are wanting to better ourselves, thats wonderful and Im a big believer of goals and achieving your dreams but our happiness shouldn’t be based on a satisfaction we get when we are finally at the top, it should be based on the journey we go on to get there.

Contentment comes with accepting your circumstance for what it is. With vulnerability comes growth in yourself that you didn’t think was possible. Its all about perspective and your thoughts and views on things.