Ziggy Alberts.

On the 16th of December 2016 my friend and I travelled down to Sydney to watch Ziggy Alberts play at oxford arts factory.

I struggle to put into words how flipping beautiful and wonderfully talented this man truely is. I’ve seen Ziggy Alberts twice now and this time absolutely blew my mind. I was fixated by his perfect melodies. There is nothing in this world that is more incredible than watching someone so in love with what they are creating. Ziggy’s songs are filled with stories, passion, pain, love and experiences. He is able to connect with an audience so damn well. The vibe and atmosphere in the room that night was amazing.

This gig taught me to keep pushing and striving for what I want in life, to be more gentle with our environment and to be more expressive.


Nelson Bay, NSW.

Earlier this year (2016) I was dealing with a very rough break up. One day my mum came into my room, told me to get dressed so we can go on an adventure. We didn’t have any idea where we wanted to go, we just drove and ended up at beautiful Nelson bay. We went on a dolphin cruise and met some really incredible people. We shared our joys, passions, trials and hurts. It’s a truly wonderful thing when strangers can come together and share life. This day was a clear turning point in my break up process and my growth as an individual.


Captivated – Trig Warrah Lookout, Patonga, NSW.

A few weeks ago my friend and I ventured to a beautiful spot in the south part of the Central Coast.

I am absolutely in love with photography and capturing every precious and wonderful moment for what it is but what my eyes witnessed this night was just something I couldn’t capture if I tried. I sat in awe of the marvellous work my God had done. To my left there was an epic storm brewing with thick jaggered lightning bolts striking into the water and making the dark clouds illuminate and to my right I saw a perfect sunset, the sky filled with all the perfect colours you can imagine a sunset would have.

This has easily become my new favourite adventure spot.

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Tired Eyes, Happy Hearts – North Avoca, NSW.

On the 11th of December 2016 one of my nearest and dearest friends and I ventured to beautiful North Avoca located on the Central coast to watch the sunrise. She rocked up to my house at 5 a.m wearing almost the exact same thing. On this particular day there was a lot of cloud cover so the sun only peaked through at certain parts. I still sat in awe with one of my best friends embracing beautiful creation. There is something truely magical about a sunrise and how still, calm and peaceful everything is early in the morning. It can allow you a time to breathe, sit and reflect. Here are some photos of our morning!

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Experience, Learn & Grow!


I’ve been busy taking some time out to do a lot of personal growth. It hasn’t been a matter of feeling un inspired, it’s been quite the opposite actually.

These last few months have honestly been life changing. Since the last time I wrote a blog post I have met so many incredible people which have empowered, challenged, hurt, loved and inspired me. A few life lessons I have come away with are:

Learn from your experiences – Every single human being in this world has faced both good and bad experiences. For me personally this year has bought its ups and also it’s downs but the main thing I have taken away from each individual experience is to have an open mind and embrace everything from different perspectives but also for what it is. We are constantly growing, learning and changing in life and if you can try your best to take away the positives from the hard things your facing you can have the power to bring happiness to an awful situation. I can 100% guarantee there is always at least one good thing in painful experiences, you might not see it or feel it in the midst but over time you’ll be able to look back and realise simple blessings in disguise.

Just do it – We all have a goal or dream that seems so far out of our reach yet the yearning in your heart for it becomes stronger. Dream it, Chase it, DO IT! I have learnt so much about myself these last few months, one of the main things is that I can do absolutely anything I set my mind to and so can you!!! I’ve had a dream of heading to a third world county to be a part of some sort of mission trip since forever. This year I looked at what I’m passionate about and I booked a trip to Cambodia an Thailand. Sometimes we just need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones to completely embrace our dreams. Am I prepared to go overseas? Nope. Will I ever be completely prepared? Nope!!! I’m nervous, petrified and excited and I know that this trip is going to be life changing, not only for myself but also for others. Make your dreams a reality and JUST DO IT. I know and have seen first hand how quickly someones life can be gone, it’s too short to sit a round in the same boring routine. Push yourself and challenge yourself to do and be more!

Open your heart again – Let’s talk about heart break. We’ve all been there and every break up is different but in the end we all get the same result of our comfy being gone and feeling a little lost with a sickening feeling in our bellies and physical pain in our hearts. It sucks but as weird and as stupid as this sounds I am actually so damn grateful for every single one of my breakups, every single fight, every hurt, every tear and every inch of pain I have felt. I am thankful because as much as the process of a break up hurts (and boy oh boy does it hurt) they help make you who you are. There is just something different about experiencing a breakup and the healing process from this takes time. Again everyone is different for some it may take a few months and for others it may take a year or even more. Always be mindful when you are in your healing process that you are able to set the pace, you are able to establish your own personal growth and you get to start over as many times as you need. There is someone out there for everyone, know your full worth and don’t settle for less than what you deserve. There are so many wonderful people to keep your heart closed off, take risks for love and don’t fill your head with what ifs!!!

Do things that make you happy – I actually don’t think I can stress this point enough. We have one life on earth, Please make it wonderful. Spend your days doing things that fill your heart with an unexplainable, contageous joy. Don’t make excuses like your too busy. You should never be too busy to fit stuff in that you love to do. If you aren’t content in your job, in your relationship, in your life then take steps forward to change it and to break vicious cycles. We all need to find our clarity and find our happy and a lot of the time this comes from doing simple little things that we enjoy. I believe we should take an hour out of our day to embrace our strengths and try new things or continue to grow and challenge ourselves in things we already love doing.

Surround yourself with beautiful people – This last point is closest to my heart right now. I am so so blessed to share the friendships/relationships I do with the people in my world. I have realised that I have a really special bunch of friends, people I can be myself around, cry with, laugh with, adventure with and do life with! I have had my fair share of awful and toxic friends which makes me even more appreciative of the people that i am close with now. Your vibe attracts your tribe. I have really made a conscious effort to surround myself with people that challenge me, love me and help me become a better person. Each person in my life plays a different role and each one inspires me in a different way. Surround yourself with people that make an effort for you and accept you for the person you are.

By Bethany Calverley.