Santa Barbra!

Beautiful, little Santa Barbara. This was Easily one of my most favourite places Gideon and I ventured to on our big American Road trip. We felt so content, free and at peace. I loved exploring this incredible town with my love. From walking along the Wharf, to tandem bike riding, to sitting on the beach….

Santa Monica + Venice Beach!

Venice, California is a very very interesting place! It’s really hard to explain unless you’ve been there and personally experienced it for yourself. It has it’s own individual vibe to it. I’ve never seen anything like it. Walking along Venice beach was incredible. The beach it’s self is so long. It was so beautiful to…


A sight so captivating it leaves you whole body with goosebumps. The Grand Canyon showed the power, intricacy, and varsity of our God. This incredible form of creation is like nothing you will ever see in your life. It was beautiful to be in awe of our Saviours work with strangers.


A sweet state of surrender, exploring the boundless beauty and wonder that Colorado had to offer with my forever love. A place so special to my heart. Enjoy a collection of precious memories shared between lovers. Rocky Mountains.  Hot Springs over looking Colorado River.