Essential Oils.

Essential oils are one of my favourite things to talk about because I am so ridiculously passionate about them.

I jumped on the essential oil bandwagon last year when I was in America. I swear by them. I haven’t been on my essential oil journey for too long but I love what I’ve learnt so far. The idea of using natural products brings my soul rest like you wouldn’t believe. When I was 16 my father passed away. He suffered from Kidney stones from when I was a baby up until he died. Doctors continued to prescribe him western medications to simply mask underlying issues which then caused him to develop end stage liver disease. This instilled a fear in me that I struggle to shake sometimes when it comes to medication.

With that in mind, I am going to clarify something I needed to learn on this journey – Essential oils don’t heal you but rather aid your body in a natural and holistic way.

For me personally,  I have oils from DoTerra but I also have a large collection from my local health food store. Do your research but if an oil is 100% oil, then that’s exactly what you are going to get.

As a Christian I believe God has given us beautiful, natural resources to help us live. Essential oils included. I know for a fact DoTerra’s oils are sourced straight from where that specific plant or flower thrives from around the world.

I am going to give you a few beauty/life hacks in how I use my oils daily.

– Frankincense! Scent, Skin. WOW. This is an oil that is on the pricey side but for a good reason. Firstly this oil is biblical! Frankincense, along with gold and myrrh is what the three wise men gifted Jesus with.

Matthew 2:11 – On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

This is also INCREDIBLE for your skin. When I was in America I suffered with a bad sun blister on my lip. One of my beautiful camp directors suggested I use Frankincense oil on it 3 times a day and within a few days it had healed.

I have also suffered from hormonal acne and skin issues growing up. I get breakouts when It’s my monthly (to be expected) but something I have found that helps keep my skin clear and plump is putting a few drops of Frankincense oil with my face cleanser at night. I also put a few drops of rose hip oil with my moisturiser. The rose hip combats my acne scars. These combined leaves my skin feeling so clean, clear and full.

 – Cedar wood! Scent, skin, hair. I have only recently discovered this oil but I think it’s one of my most favourite ones. It smells AMAZING! I use cedar wood for my skin ocasionally but my favourite little beauty hack for this bad boy is to add a few drops along side a few drops of lavender oil in your shampoo. My hair has become so thick and it’s grown a little bit too since incorporating this into my routine.

– Peppermint/spearmint! Nausia, headaches. I feel like this little hack is something everyone knows about already but these oils are beautiful for settling your stomach. I unfortunately still suffer from travel sickness (I thought you grow out of that but apparently not. Haha) It works. I put a little bit behind my ears and a drop in the palm of my hand and press my thumb into it then on the roof of my mouth. Another way to use these oils is by rubbing a small amount on the temples of your head to gain relief from headaches. Sometimes peppermint is too intense for me so I have found a new love for spearmint!

– Clove oil! Toothaches. My beloved finance is so patient with me always harping on about what oils to use for specific situations. About a month ago he was suffering from the pain of wisdom teeth coming through. He got on the phone to tell me he had purchased some clove oil to help relieve the pain and it worked! This is a natural way to help little ones with teething.

– Tea tree oil! Infections. Known for it’s antibacterial properties is an amazing natural source to help fight infections, acne and even cold & flu. I like to add tea tree into my baths and also into my diffuser mixed with Lavender to leave a fresh scent. The amount of drops can vary depending how strong you want it to smell.

I could go on forever about the benefits of each essential oil. The things I have listed only scratch the surface of what each oil can do. I will definitely be posting more information on different oils and little beauty/life hacks I find along the way with them. Do your research and be aware that not all oils can be ingested. A large number of them are for topical use only for your body. (diffusing aside)

I 110% recommend you try essential oils. Always remember a little goes a long way, they are worth the investment. There is honestly an oil for everything and so many beautiful blends to explore. Please know that I am not an expert, I am learning every day and these are ways I have been using my oils!

Beth xx


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