Get to know me

Hey lovely! My name is Bethany. I’m 22 years old and I live on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia. I am a lover of Jesus, the ocean, peanut butter, overalls and people. I am super quirky and I love to embrace anything creative.

Jesus gifts us in all different kinds of ways and I am so ridiculously passionate about writing, photography and any form of creative expression. I adore the feeling these outlets give me and my aim is for you to feel through my words and my photographs, for you to relate and for us to connect.

Travelling is in my blood. This is where I love to get creative with my photography. Embracing and immersing myself in new culture and capturing creation sets my soul on fire. You can find some of my work in the photography drop down menu as well as the travelling menu!

I am a HUGE advocate of self love, body positivity and empowering women to see themselves the way Jesus see’s them. I am working on a personal project called Unveiling Beauty. The link is in my drop down menu. In there you will find my vision for this project and stories of INCREDIBLE women. Please don’t hesitate to email me or get in contact with me if you would love to be a part of this project.

My vision and ultimate goal, if you will, is to completely glorify God through my blog. Every experience, every hurt, every triumph, every photograph, every word, every post, I want him to be the centre of it all.

I would love to get to know you and hear your story.

Let’s flourish, lovely!

Beth xx

I have had a wonderful opportunity to feature on a few different blogs. Have a read below!

Finding God in the Small Things…



2 Comments Add yours

  1. enmanscamera says:

    Hello Bethany, You found the blog where I write about Photography. If that is what you were looking for you can be sure that photography is the only topic I discuss.
    Now that I know about you I will spend time looking at the photos you post and reading your thoughts.
    Nice to be in contact.


    1. Hey! Photography is such a wonderful form of expression and your posts are really cool! I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂


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