The Grand Canyon. 


America – West Coast.

In August, 2017 my incredible boyfriend, Gideon and I embarked on a huge American Adventure. I met him during my time spent in Lincoln, Nebraska. I was working at a Christian summer camp and God allowed our paths to cross and the rest is history. I am a very spontaneous and adventurous person. I love [...]

Brittany Eliza.

This is Beautiful Brittany! I met her at Hope UC a few years ago when I was serving in youth ministry. Brit was so easy to photograph because she is so naturally beautiful and her confidence absolutely shines! I love her honesty and realness in all her answers, It's super admirable! Written at age 17. [...]


This is hands down one of the most vulnerable blogs I have posted about myself and my experiences to date but there's been a fire burning in my belly for a while now and I just really feel I need to write about this and hopefully help anyone who has or is going through a [...]

Do what makes you happy!

It’s currently 10:37 on a Wednesday morning and I’m sitting in a small little country town called Grafton while writing this. I’m having the BIGGEST pinch me moment I’ve ever experienced. At the very start of this year God has been talking to me all about change and speaking to me through anything, everything and [...]


The last few days I have felt a strong pull on my heart to talk about the word Comparison and the completely toxic and negative things it does to our minds. The definition of the word compare is: To estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between. In some circumstances it's okay to compare normal [...]